Fresh Post

This is fresh news – that is, news of the day.

I went to work. Work came to Carl. Carl and his work went to Remlinger Farms. Sounds like they had a good time.

Carl went to the Seattle Aqua Sox game tonight. The goal was to see the  newest phenom – Zunino, a catcher. Guess who else was at the game – Hultzen. Hultzen is a promising pitcher that we saw at the Southern League All-Star Game (AA) last month. He was called up to Triple A (Tacoma Rainiers) after the All-Star Game. Not sure why he was hanging around the Aqua-Sox game (A), but it was an interesting coincidence.

In news of the nation, somebody uncovered some extremely valuable baseball cards in the attic of their grandparents house. Now we know we have a lot of baseball cards, in our attic. We also know that they are not the super valuable cards. But  — for all of those that continually speak of flinging, beware of throwing away too much.

AND – Here is a must see video. (And must hear)
This is Rey’s work – from a few days ago, when a heavy storm blew through. If you heard about damage to Smoky Mountain National Park – this is the same storm. We think Rey is in there somewhere, but we do not have confirmation. At the beginning he was taking down umbrellas from picnic tables.


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