If this is Tuesday, it must be Sevierville (or is it Kodak?) – News Flash Update

Tuesday was the big day.

It was so big it was Wednesday when we returned to our home base away from home.

The day started as many others could – late.
The real start was a walk. Given the season and location, starting earlier may have been wiser. As one local that we passed said, “You’re going to be hot.” But we persevered, getting about 3-1/2 miles, and running a few errands to boot (in a boot).

Fully-Developed Child

After a short stint cooling our heels (literally) at Rey’s place, it was off to the stadium. The Southern League All-Star Game was finally here.

The first event was regular batting practice.

All-Stars batting practice – Southern Team

Carl got four balls in batting practice, and gave at least one away.

All-Star Carl

Next up was the formal autograph session. We get an autograph here and there, but there are some really dedicated folks. They looked positively serious. I am sure the elation comes when they review their tally for the afternoon (and into the evening). The truly serious do not limit themselves to the formal sessions. Carl met one who was in town from Maryland.




The Home-Run Derby followed. Eight players get 8 outs. Matt Davidson was one of the contestants.

Matt Davidson – Home Run Derby

Carl did catch one – from Hunter Morris, of the Huntsville Stars (Brewers).

Then the top two (5 each) got 4 more outs. Then 3 more outs as they were tied after the second round. The winner was future Mariner Joe Dunigan. The home-town favorite, Justin Bour, made the finals, but Dunigan’s home runs were certainly the most majestic. I think all but one cleared the 2nd fence, which was out of bounds to the fans.

The game was finally underway. The starting pitcher was future Mariner Danny Hultzen.

The wind-up

In the bottom of the 1st inning, the 1st batter – future Mariner Denny Almonte, led off with a home run.

The initial scorecard is a jumble of numbers and substitutions. We will really need to find the official scorer’s version to truly make sense of all of the substitutions. (Final Score, South 6 – North 2. The first time the South has ever beaten the North. And our 8th consecutive loss.)

After the game there were more fireworks, and finally the after-parties. There was a semi-private party in the cafe for the players and team personnel. We hung out at the public party with the Chillbillies.

The Chillbillies

When the day ticked over to tomorrow, we were invited in to the private party. Some good food for fourth meal, and another chance to view some of the players in their environment.

You can just see those that you might be reading about in the tabloids at some future time. There were several girl-(friends?) hanging with the players. When the announcement of the last bus back to the Wilderness Inn (kind of like Great Wolf Lodge) was about to leave, the player’s group started gathering beer. I watched one of the girls drying off cans and putting them into her bag purse. Rather amusing. Good thing nobody has a game until Thursday.

We finally left. Not sure of the exact time, but it was at least 2 AM when we hit the sheets. And Rey had to go into work today as well.

All-in-all I think the All-Star Event was a success.
Rey and his co-workers have been working really hard, and I hope they get a bit of a rest as their team is out of town for the rest of the week.

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