What Day Is It Anyway

I looked at my last post, and it was about Tuesday.
So it should be Wednesday.
But it is not – it is Thursday.

We lost a day somewhere.

The last bit of this vacation has been running errands and hanging out.
And eating.

The errands have dealt with immediate needs (food), and the kind of errands that just need to be done (wiper blades), and some that are a bit more fun (birthday presents for the boy).

This morning we ended up going out for breakfast. BONUS. One of my fun things to do, and we don’t do it all that often. Of course, then it would not be so special. Today’s special was brought to us by the power company. Or Not the Power company. We found a cafe in downtown Dandridge. A burg that dates back to the 1700’s. Our visit included a stroll around the Revolutionary War graveyard. There were Civil War veterans buried there as well.

The cafe had a quilt block on the side wall. When we were here last year (was it last year?) we saw several quilt blocks here and there. Frequently on barns or other structures. If I had myself better prepared, there would be more pictures.

Stars Over Tennessee Quilt Block

Next up was some shopping for a couch.

The first of many couch try-outs

This took us far and wide. We found malls that don’t carry couches. Order and they will make it storefronts. Furniture stores that are a bit more like a used car dealer. And Wal-Mart. Guess where they had the winning couch. Tonight or tomorrow we are going to do some assembly.

The Car Furniture Dealer really surprised me. There were no real price tags on many of the choices. When I asked the range, the conversation when something like this.

“How much are the couches?”
“Tell me which one you are interested in, and I will get the price.”
“That one?, it is $175/month.”
“Really? What is the real price – if you pay all at once?”
“Wait here, I will go look it up.”

At this point I discovered that some of them had a price, the monthly price, and the full price with interest.
But even these did not seem to be correct. Apparently there would be some sort of discount if we paid cash.

And when I realized she was speaking with some other customer, and I still did not have the actual price, we left.

Customer service does seem to be a hit-and-miss idea around here.

Yesterday we went out to dinner with several of Rey’s friends.
There were twelve in our party.

The first restaurant we went into was heavy on the booths.
Since the idea was to get to know these folks a bit, using three booths did not seem like the best idea.
When we asked if we could pull a table onto the end of a booth, we were told, “NO.”
This restaurant was not crowded, and it would not have infringed on any other customer’s space.
So we left. I wonder if the Manager was aware of the loss of revenue that walked in and out of their door.

Restaurant #2 was considerably more accommodating, and we closed the place down.

This evening we have added some game-playing to our fun.
Bananagrams so far. Rey is the usual winner, but I have taken at least one game.
He protested my use of AD, but I said if he was going to use QI, I could use AD.
He didn’t argue too much, but the scorecard in his head may have a different tally than mine.

2 Responses to “What Day Is It Anyway”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great sign that you’ve lost track of time. It sounds like a wonderful time. If it were me, I would note those businesses/restaurants and call to let the manager know. OMG, I really AM turning into my mother!! I laughed about the wiper blades; when younger daughter came back with our white car she drives and I took it up for an oil change in the rain, I wanted to put a bullet through my head over the annoying wiper blades. They are now new and functional!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    What? You didn’t rearrange your letters to make ADVERTISEMENT? Aww, Mom…

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