Evening vs Morning Walks

Wednesday evening when I arrived home Carl was out patrolling the fields of friends playing sports. Kids, parents, t-ball, soccer. So I set out on foot for his current destination, a parent playing soccer, approximately 1-1/2 mile from home. Not too far, but it was already 7 PM, and dinner was still waiting.

I took the under route to cross the freeway, and wound through the Greenlake neighborhood. The neighborhood is city-rectangular for a while, and then has a series of divergent and curving streets. These either parallel the lake/park in a fashion or angle down to the lake. It is not always easy to determine which direction you are really headed. As I crossed one street at a tee into a long block, a sign on a fence helpfully said, “Lake” with an arrow. I was actually not trying to just get to the lake, so I went the other direction.

Eventually I reached Green Lake Way near the golf course. This is a pitch-and-putt golf course, but that was the first sport I encountered in the next 1/4 mile. Golf, ultimate frisbee, jogging, running (yes, they are different), softball, skateboard park, bicycle-cross, and finally soccer. Carl was there watching his charge’s father charge around. I joined him, but soon we were kicking a ball around with a 5-year old. (That always seems to happen.)

As the second half of the soccer game started, we decided it was time to head home for dinner.

This morning (Friday) we took a morning walk. The easy 5-mile walk to, around and back from Green Lake. We did it with pretty good pace. Each mile was getting quicker. That is until we stopped at the Starbucks before completing the last mile. Just enough to slow us down a bit.

Many of the folks out have canine companions along for the walk. We decided that Corgis only have one leg section running from the hip to the foot. There is no room for a knee joint.

We were able to do this early walk because I am telecommuting today. So I had better get to it.

Oh – for the Marquis. It is bike to work week/month, and today is the DAY. We passed this set-up outside of Gregg’s Green Lake Cycle.

Bike To Work Day at Gregg’s Green Lake

3 Responses to “Evening vs Morning Walks”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The bikes are cool! I always get distracted by Starbucks. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    Verlander had a no hitter going thru 8 1/3rd last night. he was ‘this’ close!

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