Some Bad, Some Good

If I went in chronological order, I would get to the bad last.
But I am generally a bad news first girl, so here it is.

Carl was playing baseball yesterday and did something to a tendon in his foot/ankle. We think it is the peronius brevis. Whatever it is called, this is the same tendon that popped before, and had him in a boot for a few months. Luckily, we still have a boot around, so he put it on. I am insisting he go see the doctor however, even if he thinks he knows what it is.

On the good news side, he was legging out a double (really nice hit, to hear it described), and it popped when he was rounding first. (He was safe. This is different from when he tore his Achilles tendon and was tagged out between first and second.)

Back to chronology. It has been since Friday morning that I posted.
Friday was busy with work and meetings. Not too much else to report, at least that I can recall.

I did spend the evening hauling boxes into the living room.
I figured the way to make sure I held a garage sale was to make it more difficult to not hold the garage sale.

In retrospect, it probably still would have been less work to just haul the stuff back downstairs,  but in the end I think it was worth it. I think I cleared a bit over $130, and there may be a bit more money flowing our direction from some neighbor sales, when they did not have any money.

After I put out a tarp with a sheet over most of it (to keep the dew off the offerings) and set up the folding metal table (which is determined that each time we put it up will be its last), Carl & I walked to the end of the block and the block beyond to put up our signs. Then it was time to put out the merchandise.

Carl helped haul out the boxes and boxes and boxes of garage sale fodder. Most of it was clothing. The result of our winter break sorting of clothes with kids. The good part about it being the kids’ clothes is that they are much more likely to be clothes that others would want. There was also some “junk” and a few gifts (of the toy variety) never opened, and the turtle footstool, and 6 pairs of skis, 4 pairs of ski-boots, and a handful of ski-poles, and the playpen that had not sold at numerous previous garage sales. [I don’t do numerous garage sales, but my neighbor has, and I would put it out over and over and over again.]

I have to admit, I did not take any pictures of the covered lawn. But two different groups of folks told me that I had a very nice layout. Easy to see things, and well presented. I guess I achieved feng-shui for garage sales.

Highlights of the garage sale:

  • Sold said playpen.
  • Sold two pairs of skis (really the only two worth buying)
  • Sold one pair of ski-boots
  • Sold the turtle footstool
  • Met (re-met) a class-mate of Rey’s from 2nd grade forward. Alice Manos. She was there with her mother and grandmother, speaking Greek. I think it was Alice who said I looked familiar, and we figured it out from there.

I was surprised that t-shirts sold as well as non-t-shirt shirts. People were nice, and it was a relaxed day. I had put up a sign saying that they could pay whatever they wanted, and the funds were going to support the fight against breast cancer. More than one brought up the earlier Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle, but agreed that the direction had been corrected, and it really should not be a political subject.

And – since it was not exactly a hopping sales day, I was able to work most of the day. I set up the computer on the front porch, and actually completed (almost) a couple of small projects.

The take-down was more tiring than the set-up. Probably because Carl was at his baseball game.
I know I made progress because I had two empty boxes at the end.
The next, “We have a truck in your neighborhood,” call that we get – will get the remaining full boxes.

Flinging in bulk.

Since it is spring in Seattle, the flowers are blooming. I took pictures of a few specimens from the backyard.

Backyard bud

Backyard bloom


The calla lilies are actually volunteers.

Calla Lily

Backyard volunteers


I have decided to try to follow a rhododendron bloom that is directly outside of the front window. (Great plan, we will see how it all works out.)

Friday – front yard bud

Sunday – front yard budding


Now to begin Sunday. Newspaper or Street fair?

4 Responses to “Some Bad, Some Good”

  1. acourtois Says:

    I was skeptical when the [late] neighbors’ son put out some old skis next to the dumpster. He said that, no they weren’t usable for skiing any more but that some people used them to decorate. Sure enough, we went shopping in Gaylord not too long after that and I saw several chairs made with old skis and various “sculptures” in my brother-in-law’s neighborhood. Who’da thunk. Happy flinging!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Gah, wordpress is making me “log in” and that prevents my comments from being posted under “kayak woman”. (Experimenting here…)

  3. Margaret Says:

    Mostly good stuff except for Carl’s sports injury! I hate garage sales and generally just donate stuff. I dislike spending my time dealing with people out for crazy bargains. However, my MIL’s estate sale did provide several blog posts. 😉

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