Million Dollar Evening

Yesterday evening I had a meeting. My part went until about 8:15, and I was home by 9:00.

Tonight was a lot more exciting – we did not get home until after 9:30! (Such madness.)

We went out to the off-Broadway production of “Million Dollar Quartet.”
It was fabulous. We really enjoyed the show.
What we had not done a few years ago was to see the show when it was being developed by the Village Theatre in Issaquah. It got rave reviews there too, and then a Tony for a performer (from the Issaquah show translated to Broadway) later.

The story (true) in a nutshell, as presented in the program.

A Tuesday night shortly before Christmas 1956. Four legends – Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley – gathered at the Sun Records studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where they’d launched their careers.

It was a jam session. And jam they did. The performers are all really playing and singing. There is a bass player and drummer providing accompaniment. They were really good, and played throughout the show.

The drummer in the real event was Fluke. He backed Johnny Cash throughout his career. Turns out the real Fluke was in the audience.

The most touching (for me) moment was at the end of the historical jam session – replayed, they posed for a picture. And then the real photograph appears, along with the real recording of the four singing one of the songs from the show, which was repeating what they had done, so …. Let’s just say it was touching.

And then they launched into several more songs. A fun, rocking night.

2 Responses to “Million Dollar Evening”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds fantastic, and very moving! I was a four month old baby when that happened. 🙂

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