Travelling Down Memory Lane

I did my part for science tonight.
And they are asking for more.

This is part of a study that is as old as I am.
I have only been participating for over 20 years – if I remember correctly.

Every 7 years I get invited to take a test. It includes math (basic), word play, spatial recognition and comprehension. Kind of like an SAT lite. The fascinating thing (to me) is that they use the same booklets for the test that they have used since the testing started in 1956. Trying to keep everything the same. Their goal is to follow the same people over long periods of time. I think I have done this test 3 times.

To bolster the study, they have added a mid-life component that occurs every 2 years.
I think today was my third time on this as well.
This has a lot of memory testing.
They read you a list of numbers and you have to repeat them back. I think I got up to 9 digit numbers. Then they ask you to repeat the numbers backwards. And there are lists of words, and they go back to them a few times over the course of the evening. But my favorite is the blocks. Kind of like tanagrams, but different. They show you a picture and ask you to make it with the two color blocks. A couple of questionnaires, and the tester was on her way.

The last request they made was to consider offering them a piece of your mind after you have passed on. (That is a small bit of brain matter.)

I know how they try to track your whereabouts for these widely spaced tests. I get a birthday card every year.
But they need to get my grey fluff within 12 hours of me not needing it any longer. I am not sure how they would know when that happens.

One Response to “Travelling Down Memory Lane”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Brains, B-r-a-i-n-s, must have brains.
    –Zombie “research” project

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