Friday – that is last Friday

I know I have been absent for the past week.
Two words – Mariners and Work.

It has been a very busy week with little time spent at home.
And the evening I had at home, free to do as I please, I spent trying to get some basic paperwork wrestled into place.

So I am going to blog about the past week – a day or two at a time.
Some days may blend together, so forgive any inaccuracies.

Friday – May 4th.

I went with orange, because that is the color of the Giants (SF).
The highlight of the day was the Mariner’s game.

Well, not really the Mariner’s game.
They lost in a miserable fashion.
The M’s were up 2-0, and then with based loaded and one out, Wilhelmsen (pitching in relief), got a ground ball back to the mound which he fielded with his bare hand. But instead of throwing home for the force at home, he wheeled around and threw wildly toward 2nd base (missing). That started a 3 run inning, and ended up losing 3-2.

Additionally, it was pouring rain outside – a record rainfall for the day, as it turned out. Our right-field seats were getting wet, even with the roof closed. So wet, that some moved, and others raised umbrellas.

Luckily, we were not sitting in our seats that night. We were in the dry attic of the upper deck – row 11, even with 1st base.

The reason we were in the rafters is that we were with several other members of the PSSBL (Puget Sound Senior Baseball League) celebrating the induction of 6 new members to their Hall of Fame.

One of those 6 was Carl!

His reason for being there was not just for longevity, he has skipped some years, but for being a Manager for several, his basic fanaticism, and a few outstanding statistics. In one season (2000) he pitched 90 innings, and only gave up one walk. He is also more recently recognized as the “Pitcher in Hiking Boots.” (They support his feet better than regular athletic shoes.)

The pre-game ceremony took place in the centerfield (not-yet) drunk tank. Or party deck, or singles bar. During the pre-game this area was cordoned off, and they had barbecue and other food available for the attendees. We hung out there until about the 2nd inning, after which we climbed to our seats for the night. It really is a “scene”. A place to be seen, and not necessarily to pay full attention to the game.

The game was a hard loss, but the evening was a success.

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