My Favorite Daughter

We just got to spend a while chatting with our daughter.
It is so nice to be able to connect, at least for a bit.
She appears to be doing well, and making her way in the big city.

It is also her birthday, and from her description, probably about the quietest birthday she has spent. Being a working girl will do that to you sometimes.

It doesn’t seem possible that this was only one year ago. And in others it seems that this was so long ago.

1 Long/Short Year Ago

And it really doesn’t seem possible that this was her over 2 decades ago. Two decades?!? Time is flying.

Happy Birthday Ashlan.

Notice that you can’t see her shoes in either picture. But I’m sure they were perfect for the outfit.

One Response to “My Favorite Daughter”

  1. jane Says:

    no way she was wearing shoes on the beach. I rarely allow that. 😉

    one of my favorite pictures of Ashlan is at a very young age, early morning, in the calm water. she’s dipping her finger in to make circles.

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