Back to less than perfect

The cold that was stalking me through the warm weekend has settled in.
And worse yet, I think I gave it to Carl.

I did manage to get through a public hearing last night with just some coughing (into my shoulder). Now the kleenex boxes are going to be my companion.

On the other hand. It is only a cold. An annoyance.
I may get sent home from work today (policy to not be at work when you are sick).
That would be just fine with me. (I am going in because my car is there. Oh, and we might need to debrief from the meeting last night.) If I come home, I should be able to get some work done … without exposing everybody else.

Hopefully it will not hit Carl hard.
This will be one of the few times the colds have gone from me to him. Usually it is the other way around. Or most of the time, he gets a cold, and I don’t. 

OK – I guess I know what is on my mind this morning.
If I had blogged last night you would have heard the post meeting mortem.

One Response to “Back to less than perfect”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Watch out for whooping cough–it’s going around big time! Hope you two won’t be too miserable.

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