Snif, cough, hack, blow, repeat

I am only a so-so patient.
So it was just as well I spent the day pretty much by myself.
Carl was around, and then gone, and then around, and then …

I worked from home today, and by being silent could keep the coughing minimized.

What I don’t understand is why I can sort of manage the coughing during the day, but the minute I put my head on the pillow, there is no way to stop.

I am hoping for quick z’s tonight. I really should show up at the office tomorrow, or I will have to cancel a few meetings.

2 Responses to “Snif, cough, hack, blow, repeat”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Mucinex DM and a Tylenol PM and an extra pillow on the bed to elevate my head are what helped me.


  2. Margaret Says:

    Just make sure you don’t have pneumonia! When you lie down, the gunk in your lungs goes in a different direction and causes coughing. I live with a lung cancer patient, I know.

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