Today started the third nice weekend in Seattle in a row.
That should have given us an inkling that the day would be different.

And I am trying to stop a cold from taking hold.
I don’t get sick, so it was the second sign.

Took Carl to his baseball practice, went to work for the 2 hours he would be involved, finished the three small tasks I had assigned to myself, and left work at the appointed time to fetch Carl. The third sign. (I am not always prompt for picking him up.)

So off to the Mariner game. There was also a moto-cross in the adjacent stadium, so parking was at a premium. And yet, we found a free place. The fourth sign.

Once inside we found a seat at the bullpen in the sun. Carl got four White Sox pitchers to sign a baseball for him. One was Juan Nieves. He threw a no-hitter on April 15, 1987. Nice guy. Chatted up a young kid getting an autograph who did not even know who he was. The fifth sign.

The sun was inching toward our seats, so I took a scorecard and pencil (and two compost bins) and headed to right field. Carl eventually showed up and hung out a few rows back, chatting with friends.

So here is the set-up. A nice weekend, sun to heal a sickness brought on by too many cold nights out in a row, on time, parking found, good people, and the  perfect temperature.

The Mariners lost to the White Sox 4-0. The game went relatively quickly, 2-1/2 hours. A good part of this was due to White Sox pitcher Philip Humber, throwing a no-hitter. My first in-person no-hitter.


Chicago Batting (and scoring) 4 Runs


4/21/2012 - 27 Mariners up, 27 Mariners down.

Did you notice it was a PERFECT GAME?
All those zeros, and steps in the scorecard. Three up, three down, x 9.

It is a rarity. 21 perfect games in the modern era. The 21st on the 21st.


5 Responses to “PERFECT”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I know no-hitters are great, but I think they are BORING. (especially when you are the team with 0 hits!) Did you see my brother and his 5 year old son up there? 😉 They picked a not-so-exciting game to see.

    • raincharm Says:

      Were they the ones sleeping? 🙂 The question you should ask them, was whether they were rooting for the perfect game, or a Mariner to break it up. By the 7th inning you could hear the buzz.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I heard that the Sox had a perfect game. I didn’t realize that it was against the Mariners. Since these are Carl’s two favorite teams, I guess it all turned out OK. Maybe it even turned out perfectly. -M

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    How about those Cards?

  4. jane Says:

    Glad Carl got to see this historic game!

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