Back to the rain

The weekend was glorious, and because the Mariner season started on Friday, it really felt like a 3-day weekend. I made it to two of the three games. My ticket for Sunday was destined for a friend, who then had to work. But by then I was happy at home, wasting the day away. Carl went for both of us.

The kids both tend to follow the comings and goings, winning and losing of the Ms. Ashlan probably more than Rey, just due to time. But I may be dissing Rey with that statement, so I will let it ride.

Anyway, there was an e-mail sort-of from Ashlan, tagging Carl in a Facebook post. With the attached statement, “Hi Dad“.

I guess I would have been surprised too. (You have to click the link to understand)

What was funnier was that on the way to the game on Friday, a workmate asked me what Carl was doing to get on the TV for opening day. I replied that Carl didn’t do things to get on TV, he just seemed to end up on TV more than the average fan. And then this. What can I say, he seems to be a camera magnet. And I can vouch that he does not go looking for cameras.

Well, maybe the Ichiro’s Bleacheros was looking, or expecting, a bit of attention. But not normally.

And today it was back to work, in the rain. But I am not complaining, because we had the weekend. In fact, the radio DJs were discussing whether Seattlites, who were sooo happy over the weekend, were in fact happier than San Diegans who have sun all the time  – and take it for granted. [I could have called in and told them that in Boulder (300 sunny days a year) we used to call it, “Another boring beautiful Boulder day. Except I was driving.]

One Response to “Back to the rain”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Whoa–he is a camera magnet!! Amazing. I didn’t mind the rain today since I spent most of the time at the hospital with mom and dad. People seem to be way friendlier when it’s sunny; have you noticed that?

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