Ice Cream Soup

Ice Cream Soup is a well-worn kids book living in our house.
It is a Learn to Read book, with lots of repeated words, and a story that might be interesting to kids. It follows the adventures of two siblings as they go out on an errand to buy ice cream, but get sidetracked on their way home stopping at several local stops. When they finally return home, the ice cream has turned to soup.

Carl & I spent a day out on the town yesterday.
It was a gorgeous day! Probably made it into the 60s, and the sun was in evidence from dawn until dusk. We even used sun screen.

So, here is our ice cream soup like story for the day:

  • We started our walk about 9:45, heading in a generally south direction.
  • First we went to the University Bridge. (You do have to choose a bridge in Seattle if you are crossing from North Seattle to downtown.)
  • Then we discovered a new 190 step staircase (for us)  to Capital Hill.
  • Then we went to the Starbucks. (It is Seattle after all. This one was on Broadway at the north end. Restroom Code 154.)
  • Then we went to Chase Bank. (Carl chatted amiably with the teller about our plans for the day, and the teller’s plans for after work.)
  • Then we went to Dicks.
  • Next was a stop at Panera’s for a loaf of bread for later. (Asiago cheese focaccia)
  • Then we stopped at the Jimi Hendrix statue.
  • Then we wound through the many hospitals of First Hill (aka Pill Hill).
  • Then we lost all of the elevation that we had gained descending Yesler.
  • And we arrived at the first major destination – Qwest Century Link Field for the Sounder’s game. SOUNDERS WIN 1-0 over Colorado Rapids.
  • Waited through the post-game rituals, and got to see Zach Scott, the scorer of the Sounder Goal, up close taking his kids onto the field for a few kicks.
  • Next it was a hotdog (actually 2 for $5 – one for each), and out into the changing crowds. The change was from Sounder Green to Mariner Blue.
    Cross the street to the gates of Safeco Field.
  • Hang out with the other fanatics for about 15 minutes waiting for the gates to open.
  • Then we hang out with a few pitchers warming up. Luetge and Ramirez in this version.
  • Leave to hang out at “our seats” for batting practice. Basically bask in the sun with a glove for protection if a ball should happen to find our seats. (Actually almost got a bounce up, but didn’t shift enough to the right. OK – Carl snagged it in the next row back.)
  • Head to our seats for the day in the Center Field Bleachers, having sold our seats to a friend.
  • We spent several innings with added entertainment from a group next to us. At least a few had apparently spent the pre-game warm-up with alcoholic beverages. One reported that another of their party had been taken away by the Police because she was too drunk to fend for herself. The group as a whole lasted until about the 7th inning.
  • BUT – the strangest coincidence – probably the soberest of the group, sitting directly next to us, was none other than the teller from the Capital Hill Chase earlier in the day!
  • End the game back near our seats, so we could snag a ride home from our usual seatmates.
  • MARINERS WIN 4-0 over the Oakland As.
  • Returned home about 12 hours after having left. Sun baked, twice winners, and having discovered a bit more of Seattle in the process.

  No ice cream melted, and there was nobody waiting at home for us to share our story with. So here it is – in pictures (at least a few pictures).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today is shaping up as another nice day, but I have to do at least a few things indoors. Carl? He is out playing with his playmates, and then heading to the game.

One Response to “Ice Cream Soup”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a wonderful day and weekend! You certainly kept busy. Those hills on Pill Hill are steep!!

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