Opening Day!

The anticipation!
Almost like Christmas morning. (Well, not really. But Carl did receive a postcard a few days ago from Jay Witasick, a pitcher for the A’s at the time, that said, “My first win was a lot like finding out what was under the tree at Christmas.”)

And the game finally arrived.
Full of the normal pomp and circumstance, and the usual between inning shenanigans. The best shenanigan from our vantage point was the second base steal. They bring out a kid from the right field hole in the wall to run to second base, “steal the base” and run back to the outfield fence. [They change the bases at this halfway point in the game.] It is a long run, so the kids have to be at least elementary age. In this particular version, when the kid picked up the base at second, the umpire accosted him. Turns out the “umpire” was his dad, home from Afghanistan. The kid was shocked, his mother/the wife, completely in tears at the right field fence. They took a little longer than usual getting the kid off of the field again. (Should have known it was a set-up when there were 3 cameras instead of just one.)

In the end the Mariner’s lost 4-0 to the Athletics.

But the best part about opening day is seeing the people we primarily see at the ball park. Here a few shots from the day. (Dennis could not make the game, but his hat did.)

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  1. Ashlan Says:

    this is hilarious

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