Filing, filing, filing

Did anybody think the words in the title were “fling”?

I just noted the similarity as I typed.
In some respects that is what I have been doing a lot lately.
I file, and as I file I fling. Shred, recycle, and a bit of trash to boot.

The preceding pretty much describes both my home and work life.

I have a database I am dying to dive into as well.
But there are a few customers that are waiting for answers that I should attend to first. And then there was a reporter this afternoon. Hope that one ends up OK, since he was called by somebody else (not us). Never know what sort of spin will be placed on a story.

All I have on my plate for tonight was two sources of filing.
House project stuff, which is finally getting to be enough to sort successfully.
(I know it will get much more in-depth, so now is the time to set the stage for files to fill up as we move forward.)
And some bank/investment paperwork that I have tried to tackle in the past, but it tends to just grow in a bin. But it has forced the lid off of the bin, so must be tamed once more. And because we have flung a fair amount of paper, I actually have a file bin that is available to accept a new set of paper.

How exciting is my life!

One Response to “Filing, filing, filing”

  1. acourtois Says:

    I thought it was “fling” for a nanosecond or so.

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