One more Game

Carl should get home tonight – after just one more game.
His baseball team is watching the Rainiers tonight in Tacoma.
This is the last stop on the start of the 2012 season road trip.

Of course there is still the Home Opener to come. This Friday.

It is a good thing he is coming home.
I am almost out of food for lunch.
I could go a long time with dinners out of the pantry, but lunches are generally based on fresh foods.

He suggested that I could go to the grocery store!
I almost did, just to show him I could do it.

But then work went really long, and I wasn’t going to get home until about 7 PM, and I was hungry. (Remember, dinner stuff is plentiful.)
So I am trying to do some cleaning, to somehow make up for the lack of fresh food. Hey, I even washed the vegetable crisper since it was essentially empty. (That has to earn a point or two.)

Back to doing what I can to make it look like I didn’t while away the last 5 days eating bon-bons.

One Response to “One more Game”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    First step, pick up all those chocolate wrappers and Jelly Bean bags! Lol

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