the boys enjoying the sun

the boys enjoying the sun

The boys of baseball

Another batting practice blast.
Yesterday Cole got four balls and Carl got four balls.
Today Cole got two balls, Jet got three balls, and Carl got two balls.
(One of Carl’s balls was subsequently given to another fan.)

All of this was possible as the Mariners are drawing low crowds. This increases the chances of getting a ball that enters the stands. It also helps if you are a kid, and willing to talk to the players.

The kids left before the game started, both days.
Yesterday’s game was long and COLD.
Today’s game was shorter and warmer. (Still cold.)

The other difference? The Cleveland Indians won yesterday (9-8)
The Mariners won today (4-1).

The first two Mariner runs were scored off of home runs.

Figgins led off the Mariner 1st inning with a solo homer. That home run ball ended up in Carl’s mitt. It wasn’t as direct as the usual home run. The ball landed in the area between the wall and the seats, where there is a net. The ball bounced off of the netting and back on to the field. Choo picked up the ball and tossed it into the seats, where it was caught by Carl (without a glove, with two fingers). The funny thing was that Carl had been out in the stadium, trying to find a Guinness. He went to the stand where they used to be sold, and was sent to a different stand, and then a different stand, and then a different stand, where he had to wait, and finally got the beer and was returning to our seats. If he had made it to our seats, he would not have caught the ball.

The second home run was by Ichiro. It went right over us, about 8 rows back. It was caught by a Korean fan (pretty sure – they were there to watch Choo). Carl was close by, and after the catch he and the Korean fan bumped their catches together. (watch to the end of the clip).

Figgins Home Run Ball 4/18/2012

Today’s game was fun, especially compared with yesterday’s. But that is part of the alure of the game. You never know what you are going to get.

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