Springtime – Spring break for some

It's obviously springtime

Traffic was unusually light this morning, and light this evening as well.
I believe some of the school districts have dismissed their urchins for the week.
The several school districts in our area all have their own idea of when spring break will fall. With Easter in the coming weekend I think many will be this week or next.
Seattle does not get out for another two weeks.
Hopefully this staggering means that traffic will continue to be manageable for April.

I was doing quite well on the way to work this morning, until I was fairly close to work.
Then I happened upon the road closing type of accident that can plague 2-3 lane roads when somebody is not paying attention. I have no idea what really happened. I am not sure how many cars were involved, at least four from what I saw. I got within about 5 cars of the accident. No flashy lights had arrived, and there were a fair number of people wandering the scene to help. So I figured I would be in the way if I found a place to pull over and got out. After about a minute of deliberation I did a three-point turn and headed back down the hill. When I reached the bottom, and set off on my alternate route I could hear the sirens. [One of my workmates coming a different route altogether, was entering a roundabout when the fire station next to the roundabout disgorged its truck. She was not sure what to do at first. You can’t pull over in a roundabout, and she did not know which exit the truck planned to take. So she just kept driving around the roundabout, until she was behind the truck instead of in front.]


Jay wins the family final four. Or rather, Kentucky wins, and Jay gets the prize.

2012 - Kentucky and Jay win


One Response to “Springtime – Spring break for some”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Congrats on the win! Spring break for me and a beautiful spring day to start it out. Too bad it won’t last. 😦

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