The sunniest rainy day you have ever seen.

It did rain today.
In the early morning, and a few spits here and there, and it may rain again tonight.

I did check the Weather Underground at one point.
It was sunny out, and we had not gone out for a walk yet.
[Carl walked about 9-10 miles yesterday, and I wasn’t sure whether he wanted to walk again. But it was sunny!]
The Wunderground hourly report said 100% chance of clouds, and 90% chance of rain.

But it was sunny. So we took our chance and set out.
4.5 miles later and it was still sunny.

We did not do much else today to speak of.
Finished the last of the taxes.
Finished a crossword puzzle.
Spent a bit of time cleaning up here and there.
Met with the architect for a bit more discussions.

And then the day was dark and done.

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