Nights out

Saturday Nights Alright!

We have a pretty light social calendar right now.
But we did manage to be double scheduled tonight.

So we split up to our respective shows.

Carl took in the Sounders game.
He walked to the match, stood for the match, and then walked back to the Seattle Center.
The Sounders lost 0-1 to San Jose on a questionable penalty kick (the guy tripped himself over the Sounder).

I got to go to the Seattle Men’s Chorus show all about the Beatles.
It was great. Really. They had a handful of dancers that really added to the songs. Free Love style dancing. When they were singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds the dancers were slowly gyrating, and the entire men’s chorus was swaying as well. Not normal back and forth swaying, but as a whole looking like an anemone in a tide pool.

And dinner (great lamb burger). And the view from Kerry Park, in the sun after a rainy day.

Kerry Park in a Sun Break



One Response to “Nights out”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Seattle is so beautiful when the sky is blue. *sigh*

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