Or maybe raincharm.

It did rain during the day, but had cleared into a sunny late afternoon.
Spoke with Carl and arranged to take a walk when we both got home.

Left in the sun. It was raining lightly when I hit the bottom of the hill.
Continued as I got on the highway.
Turning into Bellevue, the sun came out, through the rain, and I actually thought, “I should be in a rainbow.”

[Of course the whole rain charm, rain stripe thing is always around.]

Anyway, the sun was streaming through the raindrops, and then it started raining harder. Top wiper speed harder. Hard to see through the sun, er rain hard.

And then I looked into the rear view mirror and it was all


From one end to the other. No cars, nothing but color.
It was intense, and beautiful, and a bit distracting for that moment as my brain tried to understand what I was seeing.

Then it moved to the side view mirror, and we exited the rain for a dry spell.
Actually, it rained on and off the rest of the way home.

One Response to “Rainbow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It didn’t really rain here at all, but I didn’t get much done because of circumstances. I do like rainbows though; they are magical!

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