Survived the first week

Throughout the week we managed to get up at the proper time, despite the time change.
Then last night arrived.

FRIDAY! TGIF! time to go out and party. Or at least relax.
Except Carl went to bed about 7:15, exhausted. I would have followed fairly closely, but one of his friends wanted to drop something off, at 10 PM. So I stayed up.
I would like to say I used the time productively, but I was also a bit exhausted mentally, and just could not pull it together. I did not even blog.

I did watch some basketball, and then Grimm. [Grimm is a TV show based in Portland, OR where some of the characters have fairytale alter-egos. Werewolves, vampires, … Grimm is a police detective, and his lineage has taken on dealing with the evil alter-egos through time. The evil alter-egos, of course, fear Grimms and will harm them if given a chance. He has a friend who is a vegetarian Werewolf, who was brought up to know the stories, creatures, etc. It is entertaining. And one of my co-workers is a sometime stunt-man who does a share of the fight scenes that occur in makeup.]

And then I fell asleep on the couch. A time-honored family tradition. Carl eventually reappeared and woke me up so I could go to bed. He noted how tired I must have been because I still had my shoes on.

My yesterday was very different. I started normally, at work, for a meeting – and some work. Then I started talking to bankers (or credit unioners) about loans. And there was a very good meeting with the contractor and architect to further hone the scope of the project. And then, another banker, and then a phone chat with a “loan officer.” About then Carl showed up, and I babbled at him for about 30 minutes. And then I was done for the evening for all intents and purposes.

Today I must all of the information from yesterday organized, and sent out to those that need it.

And the Sounders Season opens tonight. (Of course it is supposed to be in the 30’s with rain, maybe snow, and a smattering of drunk drivers for St. Patrick’s day.) (So we are busing.)

And, the family NCAA Basketball Statistics after Round 2 (although I think it was really Round 1)

Ashlan: 6-10
Rey: 8-8
Carl: 8-8
Jay: 10-6

It would appear that I have the advantage, but that is only in numbers. Everybody still has their number 1 seed, and Carl lost 2 number 2 seeds.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve been exhausted this week too! My husband went to bed at 7:30 last night!

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