It begins

March Madness.
I could be talking weather – we have rain, hail, thunder, snow and precious little sun, and all of my relatives (well a good number of them) are having warmth and sun. Of course there was at least one tornado warning thrown in for good measure.

But I am talking basketball.
The Family Statistics after the first full day.

Ashlan 3-3
Rey 4-4
Carl 4-4
Jay 5-5

So there is no clear front-runner at this point. Ashlan almost lost her #1 seed, but held on in the end.

And I am taking off 1/2 day tomorrow.
To meet with the contractor, and some bankers.
The goal – to move this remodeling project along to the next stage.

One Response to “It begins”

  1. jane Says:

    and watch basketball too?
    check out for pictures of the tornado damage in Dexter.

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