Today was spent in the meeting that Saturday and a bit of Sunday was spent getting ready for.
The PowerPoint went off without a hitch.
Well – there was the one project that had a date of 2011 on one slide, 2012 on another slide, and should have been 2013 everywhere. As things go, fairly minor.

The animations (my part of the whole shebang) were well received.
And we will use the main one for a staff meeting too, so it is more than a one-time show.

Started putting dollar amounts into the Excel Amortization template.
How handy is that.
I am a bit calmer about the prospect of getting a new loan now.
Now I need to see what the banks will offer.

And – get back with the contractor to show him what I think we can go for, so they can move forward. Right now it looks like we will either be starting early summer, or late fall.
It is dependent on another project the contractor is bidding on.

Either way will probably be OK for us, as long as I can get a loan while interest rates are low!

The project is currently – major kitchen (wall changes included), major basement (waterproofing, earthquake retrofitting, new furnace), major upstairs insulation, and maybe a bit of work around the upstairs bathroom.

That is my plan for now – we will see what changes over the next few weeks.

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