See my back

Yesterday was …. I am not even sure what yesterday was. I think it had moments of dryness, followed by a lot of wetness. Carl did get out of the house for a bit and watched some high school baseball. Then he came home.

What he mentioned to me was that he saw a lot of my back.
All day.

That is what he says when I sit at the computer.
I spent most of yesterday PowerPointing.
The result was really pretty good, if I do say so myself.
I actually exclaimed out loud when I got a particular animation to work as I wanted it to, and Carl came to see what was wrong.

By the end of the day I was fighting to get a rainbow, and have it appear with a pot of gold.
Using the pre-packaged bits was not working well, so I let it go for the night.
Sometimes you just have to make it yourself. This AM I made 7 arcs of different colors, grouped them, wipe in, and wipe the clip art pot of gold in as well. Nice effect. (Again, I am patting myself on the back that Carl is watching.
It is done.

We also watched The Descendants last night.
I heard some DJs discussing when was the last time they had seen a movie, without knowing what it was about going in. I think I came close to that last night.
I remembered one preview where a daughter told the father their mother was having an affair.
That was about it.

I thought it was a well done movie, and an enjoyable way to end the day.

This morning we have taken a short, errand walk. (After said rainbow work).
We are now preparing for Selection Sunday and the start of March Madness.
Hopefully we will be able to team up with the kids, although I only have a firm date with one of them so far. But the brackets are ready, and the randomizer primed to go. (Actually, it goes off all the time, every time you do anything.)

For those that don’t know, since the kids were small we have randomly split the teams in the NCAA Basketball tournament between the four in our immediate family. Initially the kids liked the prizes (candy mostly) they got for every team they had that won a game. Starting with 16 teams guarantees some good 1st and 2nd round hauls. Lately, the prizes have become less important, and just about absent. This is at least in part due to the distances that separate our home store from their domiciles. (We still buy the prizes, we just don’t send out their winnings.)
((That’s not true, we just pocket the savings.))

Perhaps I will post our bracket once they have completed the drawing.

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