It’s been a week?

Sorry ’bout that.

Life sometimes just goes on by.
We had some things going on this week in the evenings, but not every evening.
There was some TV watching.
There was some reading.
And there was some sleeping.

Work has continued to be fairly intense, and I do plan to work some this weekend. But this weekend I get to play more with PowerPoint. We have a “retreat” at our office on Monday with our Board. One of the items of discussion is a bit of personnel restructuring. Like so many places, the economy has impacted our bottom line. As people have left over the past few years, they have not been replaced. We just fill in here and there to make sure things get done, but it is a bit out of balance. So this is a rebalancing, and will further take advantage of an upcoming retirement.

I have not been deeply involved in figuring out the restructure, although I am generally aware of the proposals. But for the Board, there is an associated PowerPoint presentation. The part that I am assisting our HR person with includes the transition from our current org chart to the proposed org chart. It starts out nice and cheerful, and then we dim to currently or soon to be vacant positions, move some folks around the board, restructure a bit with some positions moving, and others disappearing. There is a lot that can be done with Powerpoint, flying bits about. It is pretty fun. Not “my” work, but I enjoy this kind of challenge, and I think it is turning out well so far.

And on the home front, literally, or really the home back if we are speaking literally, we met with the contractor and architect for a cost estimate. GULP. Now it is our turn to prune a bit, meet with some bankers, and generally figure out what we can bear. We are so close to paying off the house that I hate to get into more debt than we have ever had. But, it is the right time to get it done, and it does need to get done. I think I would rather spend some money and end up with a nice product, than rely on our home improvement skills (or not), and pay for it in the long run.

I pledge to try to get on here a bit more as well.

Because we miss some of the little notes of happenings.
Like the weather.
From snow, to almost 60 degrees, and back into a darn good rainstorm, and predictions for snow again.

March 2012 - at work. This is gone, but more is predicted.

One Response to “It’s been a week?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s quite the bipolar weather, isn’t it? What exactly are you contemplating for the house? It sounds BIG!!

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