Ever Changing Seattle

Yesterday we bought a few old postcards, and posted one on the blog.
Less old, but longer in our possession, are the following two examples.

Manufactured Postcards

The one simply titled Seattle is funny for the western horizon. As if Seattle was on the Pacific Ocean (a really calm ocean) rather than the Puget Sound. There are islands, and many other land masses in the Sound. None are visible here. Perhaps a mirage has obscured them. (See the latest Scientific American for a brief on how mirages can hide masses from your vision. Including icebergs.)

Ever Changing Seattle appears to have two Space Needles. The back of the card notes that the Space Needle is at the far left of the picture. But it just doesn’t seem quite correct, almost too tall. And there is another strikingly similar structure a bit further into the picture. Again, I am not sure whether it would be visible from this perspective.

Now, with a city as picturesque as Seattle, why would I think these postcards were playing fast and loose with reality. If you look at both postcards you may note that the clouds have a certain similarity. In fact, they are exactly the same! (Shifted slightly, but the same.)

Perhaps there was a “Postcard Photographers Day” and they were taken at exactly the same time. Since there were no cell phones, they must have had strings of walkie talkies so they would all take their pictures simultaneously.

The pictures credit two different photographers, were copywrited by a company in Boston (with sequential numbers). I think we bought these in our early Seattle days, intending to send them off to our friends and family. The clouds were noticed only after they were in our possession, and they just resurfaced in our shuffling of items around the house.

2 Responses to “Ever Changing Seattle”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, those are pretty fake looking and I am not a very good judge of that. 🙂 Two SN and a vast ocean out there. Isn’t Seattle beautiful enough without the fakery?

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Maybe they edited in the blue sky b/c they only had gray skied pictures? Maybe they figured the tourists wouldn’t catch it, and the residents wouldn’t buy them? Youth wants to know…

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