Walking once again

We took a walk today.
And that will probably be the biggest thing I accomlish.
(I did the crossword earlier)
7.2 miles.

I think the lack of food (and exercise) over this past week has really put a dent in my ability to push myself physically. So this was a good test. Had breakfast (yogurt), and lunch (couscous and applesause), and then set out. And now I am setting sitting.

It is Seattle, so there were hills.
For those that are familiar with the City, we walked southwest to Gasworks Park, into Fremont, over to the Troll, north to Lower Woodland and Green Lake, and then home again.
I have this app on my phone (Endomondo) that tracks your workout.
It is pretty fun – has a gps function, so you get a map of where you went.
On the computer, you can see the map, elevation, speed (at least by the mile), and a few other bits of information.
Carl started trying to guess certain distances, and he was usually pretty close.

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It was sunnyish, and I had one layer too many. But we survived.
I did have to stop at a Starbucks, rest for a bit, and eat a yogurt/fruit parfait. I let Carl eat the granola bits on top.

If there was a focus to the walk, it was Fremont. The Center of the Universe, and home to a “Vintage” store. Vintage includes many things I grew up with. And they have a collection of postcards. Some used, some not. But we did find one that we just had to get.

Looking for guesses on the year (note the knickers on one boy). The lead boat name appears to be James something. It is a colorized picture. The picture was published by A.E. Young, of Sault Ste. Marie.

Vintage Soo Locks - How vintage?

4 Responses to “Walking once again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that you are walking again and getting back into the routine. That wisdom teeth surgery is WAY harder than most people give it credit for. It was sunnyish down here too–not a drop of rain. People were even washing cars. That should bring on something nasty for next week.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    So, now that you have been defanged, are you going to still be the same wise-cracker that you have always been?

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    Re the postcard: I don’t recognize the buildings on the right. There is a number in the lower right. I wonder if the A. E. Young Co. is still in business. Bring it with you when you come to the cabin this year, and we can do some research at the library. I wonder if the ship in the foreground is newer than the two in the background. It seems to have a taller superstructure.


  4. jane Says:

    duh – that MUST be the James P. Cotton. still patrolling the lakes, last I heard…

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