This week has seemed just a bit off.

I have been at a loss to describe why or what specifically has made it different, so I am calling it transitions, although I am not sure that is the best word.

My physical self has been off, but there is a known cause.
I have not taken any pain meds for over 2 days, and there is a constant dull ache in my mouth. I may start the OTC type again, but I felt the need to stop it all so I could feel where my body really was.

Family losses lurk in corners of my mind, and there have been other losses around more locally that just seem to pile on.

Work? Well, work just keeps on coming. That is a good thing, and I am not really complaining, but I could do with a week or two of relaxed schedules. (Don’t think that is realistic however.)

The house purging has slowed down over the past week and a half. Some necessary, some due to “completion” of a small phase.

So what to do to move things back into gear.
Well – the weekend is upon us, so that would be a good time to refocus energy on filling boxes.
Taxes? Should be able to finish that this weekend as well.
And if the weather is at all cooperative – a WALK. It seems like it has been a long time since we had a good, long walk.

The rest of the near term forecast? Well, the Sounders have started playing again, and in about two weeks is our first game. And the Mariners Spring Training has begun, which means the season is not too far away. Next month as a matter of fact.

Aaaaand, that would be my carpooler on the phone – so off to work.

One Response to “Transitions”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yep. Off is a mild word for my week and I’m sure next week also. There have been lots of strange things going on and losses too. Youngish people like Davy Jones and Eric Slocum. 😦

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