Distracted – update – and again

And Again: In which I finished task 2 (yeah for refunds), and it was sunny so we headed out for a spot of exercise.
Carl, bless his heart, is trying to get my heart pumping again on a regular basis.
Not being on a soccer team means I don’t have the potential embarassment of not being able to run a bit to keep me on the straight and narrow.
And there are way too many distractions to say I am always idle.

So we took the soccer ball and headed up to Roosevelt.
It was nice enough, and there were a few others at the field.
We had our space and were running around, chasing the round ball.

And then it started to snow. Well, hail really. With some rain.
But we stuck it out long enough for that to come to its conclusion, and I could clean off my glasses and see again.

I also realized how out of shape I am, and solemnly pledge to work harder at the working out thing. And we did turn on the Endomondo App, to measure the walk. I forgot to turn it off when we reached the field, so it tracked my movements on the field as well.

 Move to the open space!=================================================

Update: In which I continue to be distracted as I move towards completing task 2.
(Found the 2011 and 2010 taxes)
As I was going through the file with most of the historic tax files, I found a file with clippings and information from a 1992 Dinosaur trip, and a 1993 Amtrak trip. Including the following 1993 photos. [And in the 1992 trip file I found my notes on how to find fossilized snails near Rock Springs, WY. This was the one piece that I saved from that file.]


I had a short list of things to get done yesterday.

I think I accomplished one, but I can’t remember what it was. (Oh yes – e-mail house stuff to contractor and architect. And add all financial knowledge onto a spreadsheet, so it is not lost.)

The other two got sideswiped by a distraction.

I need to finish our taxes, and that (for me) required looking at 2010 taxes to see what forms we had included to back up the 529 program withdrawal (school expenses). In addition, I am in the midst of cleaning out files (and the entire house), and organizing past tax returns fits into that category. I had retrieved all of the tax forms I could find in our file cabinets and brought them downstairs. I was checking the file drawer next to the computer for any stragglers (likely more recent), and noted the pile of receipts in the drawer.

This devolved into searching the internet for suggested retention schedule for personal records. (For receipts this is one year, except hang onto those for big ticket purchases with warranties.) So I took the 2009 receipts and went through them. Three piles; Discard, shred (credit card) and keep. The 2010 and 2011 piles are neatly stacked, waiting for me to figure where they should go for now, and the 2012 pile is growing. (Yeah – that is two years, but I am paring down.)

This effort took up a bit of time, and the number 2 task (taxes) never got further. In fact, I am hoping the 2011 tax file will appear as I go through my stack, because it was not where I expected it to be (in the file drawer). That is next on my docket.

The 3rd item was/is a work product that really needs to move along.

The distraction was only part of the time suck yesterday.
You see, it started as a rainy/snowy day, but then turned into a cold sunshine.
So we took a walk. About 6-1/4 miles, that ended at CenturyLink Field for the Sounder’s opening game of the MLS season. Sounder’s won 3-1, beating Toronto. One of the young players, David Estrada, scored all 3 goals.That means a free haircut somewhere, and I may just use the ticket.

The homeward bound trip was made by bus, along with a good number of other souls that thought the bus was a good idea. I would like to think that we are all trying to save the planet, but I’ll bet a few were trying to save themselves from St. Patrick’s day revelers that chose to drive.

Enough! Time for taxes.

7 Responses to “Distracted – update – and again”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I can comment just fine – M

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Jay, I don’t have the check box checked that requires you to be logged in to comment. I don’t know what the problem is.

    • raincharm Says:

      I tried commenting on my blog and could not, so it would seem to be on my end somehow. I tried to ask WordPress, but they are not taking questions this weekend.

  3. raincharm Says:

    This is a test, it is only a test

  4. jay Says:

    This is the second test

  5. RegenAxe Says:

    Jay, if you use TurboTax, check your computer documents. I was frustrated b/c I seemed to have incomplete paper files for the boys. Then I checked the computer, and of course, I’d save the .pdf files there to save paper. Still have to get ours done. Nyquil and taxes didn’t seem like a good combination.


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