Odds and End, Bits and Pieces

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OK – Work is continuing to dominate my time.
This weekend has been a MUST COMPLETE PROJECT type deadline.
As usual, my initial optimistic estimate of time to complete the project was underestimated.
Nevertheless, I have persevered, and am taking a break now before trying to get through the last stages (for this weekend). Today I hope to finish the Water Comp Plan Amendment, complete 2 maps for the WCP, and finish the SEPA Checklist for the WCP and associated project.
Other bits that extend beyond today include some resolutions, letters to distribute SEPA, and finishing an Agreement and updating our Web information.

All this while remembering Salvador Dali’s quote, “Have no fear of perfection – you will never reach it.”

OK – now that we are past what I must do, here are some other bits.

It has been 50 years since the movie To Kill a Mockingbird was released. I read an article about Mary Badham, Scout, yesterday. When she was in the movie she had never seen a movie. Perhaps not so unusual back then. It sounded like her experience was very much one of an innocent just going along with what was happening. That 10-year old feeling that I really miss sometimes. Your expectations were limited in scope, and that provides a sort of freedom.

I was very much in an internal turmoil over the Susan G. Komen initial decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. I support both entities, and it was awful. I sent off my e-mail to SGK as soon as I heard the news, and apparently so did several thousand others. But I feel their move will continue to taint the organization, and it certainly won’t make our fundraising this year any easier. Even before this I was fairly certain this year’s event was going to be our swan song. For a day I was trying to figure out whether we should even push forward this year. At this point I do believe we will move forward.

Yesterday I was asking Carl a series of questions. They were not all related, and I can’t even remember exactly what they were about. His answers, however, kept being the same, “I am deferring to you, it is your call.” I finally managed to ask a question to which he said he wanted to, “Fer.” I am not sure exactly what “ferring” looks or sounds like, but I will continue to try to figure out how to use it in a sentence.

The weather in Seattle has been spectacular for February this weekend. So, in amongst the work, we did take a walk yesterday. It was late afternoon when we started, and it was clear that it is still winter, as the sun was fairly low on the horizon. (Translation – shining right in your eyes if you were heading west.)

It is a stated “fact” that Seattlites purchase more sunglasses than anywhere else in the country. Now this would fly in the face of all that cloudy, wet weather stereotype. But it is more the angle of the sun when it does shine, and the inability of Seattle eyes to acclimate to the sunshine. Speaking of which, I ordered a new pair of sunglasses a few days ago (see prior blog). They have not yet arrived, and I walked with clear lenses yesterday.

I have been using a new APP for our walks – Endomondo.
I found yesterday that you can look at what you did on their website as well – post walk.
One cool thing that I found was their altitude chart, which I tried to copy, but not successfully, so no sharing at this time. It also maps the route – pretty successfully. I have been pleased with it so far. Has all manner of workouts to chart – bicycling, spinning, running, ….

We will be watching, or at least have the TV on to the correct station.
I don’t really have a favorite team. If I have a leaning – maybe NY Giants. Ashlan is living in NY.
I also have $5 riding on a random pick board. Could win $20 for each of the first 3 quarters, or $40 for the final score.
My numbers (these are for the last digit of the score)?

Patriots 8  Giants 6
Patriots 5  Giants 4
Patriots 4  Giants 6
Patriots 3  Giants 0
Patriots 6  Giants 5

This is what really helps us through the game. Figuring out what needs to happen for one of my “scores” to win.

2 Responses to “Odds and End, Bits and Pieces”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    They have a map app for SPINNING? What the what? I heard an article on NPR years ago, where the reporter was checking out various workouts. The advice given him about the spinning class was to watch out for the guys in the front row as they were super-competitive and hated to be passed by anyone.

    • raincharm Says:

      And it tracks laps when you are not on a track! We found out that for walking 1 lap – 1 mile.

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