Continuing on hold

Things have been continuing here.
Cleaning, sorting, working, working, working.

Carl has been the primary cleaner and sorter.
Jay has been the primary worker. Only in the measure of hours past normal this week, which has resulted in less cleaning and sorting.
I actually have work to attend to today, but am trying to take care of a bit of transactions that are not quite correct. I am on hold – speaker hold, so thought this would be a good opportunity to put up a blog.

The great book sort is nearing its conclusion. The last big bit of books have been gathered and vetted for keeping or going. The next step is to start the going process. Maybe even starting tomorrow.

Carl has expanded the sorting into pictures. Mostly gathering, not too much “going away.” But he keeps bringing them down to look at. The current picture being viewed is from approximately 1990-91. Ashlan, “Can I snuggle?” Actually, she was possibly not that verbal at the time.

Morning snuggle with the kids

The picture is in our old house (next door to our new house). Looking at the picture I see that we still have the same bed, different sheets. The TV was located in the built-in wardrobe in our bedroom. (I remember going to bed early while I was pregnant and watching Perry Mason re-runs on the wardrobe TV.)

This is the B&W TV I bought when I graduated from college and got a paying job. It continues to work, so we continue to use it. The only other “thing” I recognize readily is the alarm clock. It is still next to the bed, but it doesn’t work very well any more. The clock works fine. One of the two alarms can be set. What doesn’t work reliably is the radio that was the alarm to wake us up in the AM. So, it has been replaced with the B&W TV on a timer. The type of timer used to turn lights on and off when you are not around to do this.

Now perhaps it becomes clear why we have so much stuff to go through. If it has a chance of working, it doesn’t leave.

2 Responses to “Continuing on hold”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cute photo!! Are you just cleaning, sorting and dumping because you want to–or are you planning a move somewhere? Just wondering. I need to get inspired to do something similar. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    Want to, but need to so we can possibly do a remodel without renting a storage place. It is somewhat liberating, but having a “deadline” helps.

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