And so it goes

I remember when the Vietnam War was going on, that some of my friends and acquaintences had brothers going off to war. Occassionally one would not come back.

I remember when this latest round of difficulties in the Middle East started. I think the kids were in middle school, and I was terrified to think of them going off to fight far from home. Really – it terrified me.

I know folks here who have kids that have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, and a few that have been injured pretty badly. But until today I have not been aware of a person I knew going away and not coming home. This particular person, Will Stacey, Sargent Stacey, played baseball with both of my kids in little league. He was just between their ages. There may be more connections, but I am slow to bring them to the front of my mind.

I just know that this has impacted me more than I would prehaps have expected. When I told Carl, he just started rattling off how much this kid (at the time) had impressed him with his dry humor, willingness to get along, and smart. Here is a much better report on Will.

Enough said. I am so sorry, and I can’t even imagine how his parents are coping tonight.

2 Responses to “And so it goes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A human face on the tragedy of war is very hard. We want it to be distant and anonymous–which it should NEVER be. Mourning Sergeant William Stacey.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    When we went to the parade welcoming back the soldiers (and sailors and marines) from Iraq, the first groups behind the color guard and military band were the gold star families. It was very moving.

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