Snowy Week – Day 2

The snow today, at least where I have been located, has been minimal.
The roads this morning were actually a bit worse than yesterday, but the light flurries that have been around all day have not accumulated.
In fact, I-90 was dry on the drive home.
And Carl reported everything from wet, to blizzard to sun in Seattle.

The big snow is supposed to come tomorrow.
The forecast seems to keep moving a bit into the future.
And maybe a bit further south.
And maybe a bit less than the 6″-14″ they originally predicted.

But, on the strength of the predictions, NOAA and NWS predictions, not just TV stations, many things have been cancelled. I myself cancelled a Wednesday 8 AM meeting at work. We postponed a Thursday AM meeting that required a consultant from across the Sound. Seattle Public Schools and several others have already cancelled Wednesday classes. All of this with nothing that would keep folks from making their appointed rounds.

This morning classes were cancelled in some locations, 2 hours late in many others. After getting his charge to school at the appointed time, it started to snow (as the bell rang). Then after a few hours of learning they decided to let the kids out. The 1 PM departure occurred as the snow stopped and the sun came out. It’s all in the timing.

Growing up in Michigan there was the saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” The same adage could hold true here. Or perhaps, “If you don’t like the weather, drive 5 miles.”

Personally, I hope it snows hard tomorrow. Before the morning commute time so it will be an easy decision to work from home. And stays through the day, but is handled by the Thursday AM commute. This will allow the public works folks to pat themselves on the back, the school folks to not look too reliant upon forecasts, as well as helping out my personal desire to stay home.

Pictures? Well, since there wasn’t much to add today – look over the pictures from the past two days. (And it was dark when I got home, but the snowplayer is still looking fit.)

One Response to “Snowy Week – Day 2”

  1. Margaret Says:

    South, you say?? Olympia, I’m hoping. Harrrumph. I’m done with this much publicized Snow Event. I now say–show us what you’ve got or get out of town. My district already cancelled for tomorrow and could look really stupid. Like today when we didn’t know until late that we had a two hour delay.

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