Snowy Week – Day 3 – report 6

The snow has started up again over night.
Way south (about 1/2 way to Portland) they have over 1 foot.
We have 1″ new so far, and it is snowing.

Start of day 3 of snow week - No newspaper

Same picture – a short time later

Sun is up, about 1/2 inch more snow (at least), and still no newspaper

My decision – go to work, or stay and telecommute.
My problem – my car-pooler is planning to go in, just leave late.

The latest newscast has shown problems on some of the transitions around our neighborhood. I brought work home, and am currently leaning that direction.
How will this be perceived at work? If I am able to get on-line, and get much done – probably won’t be too much in the way of repercussions.

Decision yet to come.

Decision has arrived. It is almost 11 AM, and still snowing. I am staying home.

Clearing the currently 3-4 inches. The snowplayer is gaining a skirt

Skirt addition to the snowman. I had sent the picture above to my boss, and he asked where the snowman was.

Snow person with added skirt. A hoop skirt I think.

 The afternoon is about to fade to dusk.
Carl is out to clean up the shoveling.
It is still snowing, although starting to feel like freezing rain.
The picture of the snow on the sidewalk is starting to show the pavement through the snow as it gains moisture.

Late afternoon, and it is transitioning from snow to to freezing drizzle

Our neighbor, and architect, decided it was time to test the his cross-country ability.
He may even have wax skis still (as do I). Given the rain texture of the current moisture falling from the sky, I was not tempted to join him.
Seattle Skinny Skis

It turns out that while I was working on Report 5, Carl was working on snow-person #2

Snow-person Obsession

I suppose you need to use it when you can. Never know when the next chance will come around.

3 Responses to “Snowy Week – Day 3 – report 6”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a dilemma indeed. Is more snow coming today? In that case, stay home and do your work on-line.

  2. Paulette Attie Says:

    Hi Jay and Carl,
    I keep hearing reports on the news that Seattle has not seen this kind of snow in 30 years! Stay warm and enjoy its serenity when you can. The commute would be a problem given the rarity of plows.. Be safe. Paulette

    P.S. We are due for about 6 inches tonight with heavy winds. There is very little ice in the bay.

    • raincharm Says:

      What we got at our house is not too unusual, but a bit south they got 2 feet. I have discovered Carl has a snowman problem.

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