Snowy Week – Day 4 – Report 2

Most important? This morning we got a newspaper.

The area ice-storm started more as a ice-slush storm on our block (see the newspaper in its little jacket)

There is still now on the ground. I don’t know how many days in a row that make is so far.

Day 3 buddies

One buddy partied a bit too hard apparently

I am once again telecommuting.
Work is out of power and running on generator. However, that means no heat.
I tried for solidarity for a while with folks at work, by not turning up the heat (which goes to 66 degrees during the day). I know my mother would think this was balmy, but I like about 70 degrees thank you.

The ice-rain of first thing this morning changed to snow, and now it looks as though it is morphing back to a “wintry-mix”.

And I just got a call from work, where we have activated our Emergency Operations Center. This is mostly to respond to widespread power outages. But, I have been notified to be prepared for the 2nd shift, which would start at 7 PM.


It is 6:35 PM, and I am still at home.
That is because it was decided that I would not be “essential” for tonights activities at work. I am happy with that decision, although I had put myself into the frame of mind to be ready to go.
I washed up for the day, put on long underwear, underarmour top, found my headlamp, work badge, warm socks, and was putting that all together when …
The phone rang and I was released. If I had not been busy getting ready, I wonder where I would be now.

I have played a bit part in work today. Doing some work, answering questions about whether we should declare this an emergency. (We did) Most of the day I have found my position to be “situational awareness.” That means I had the TV on in the background. And they did play news ALL DAY.

Despite our efforts to get our press release out through several channels, our primary city press person was not aware that we had requested folks to conserve water. So when the newperson (who does look at press releases) asked the City person about the sewer situation, his answer was, “I am not aware of any situation.” Now he had been e-mailed and a phone message left, but …. We re-e-mailed, and sent a more robust explanation to the TV station as well. Now it has become part of the story they are telling.

The situation is – we are completely out of power at work. We run sewer lift stations and wells, water booster pumps, … We do have generators to operate the facilities and spend our time operating the generators, fueling the generators, hauling fuel to the generators.  We have not stopped operating, but if folks use less water then we don’t have to re-fuel as frequently. One of the primary problems in the long run for our area is finding fuel after a day or two. I hear it may be several days before we are back in power.

Here at home we are toasty warm, lights blazing.

We did shovel (Carl) and clear the snow off of the carport.
The snow was lighter snow from yesterday and before, an ice layer from last night/this morning, more lighter snow from today. We got about 2 additional inches on top of the ice layer. This was unexpected, as it was supposed to warm up and rain today.

yesterday's snow on bottom, ice ledge, today's snow on top

See the ice layer in the snow on top of the car.
And school has already been cancelled for tomorrow.
We also found out from a neighbor that our napping snowman was due to a young couple knocking it over last night.

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