Snowy Week – Day 1

This is the week of snow for 2012. At least as predicted.
It really started yesterday, but we did not have to go anywhere, so it hardly counted.

Today was a day I had to get to work, and had to be the driver.
Of the two car-poolers I share rides with one is from Chicago and has a 4-wheel drive vehicle. That means he is willing to drive in anything, and has an attitude about it. I am not complaining, because that usually means I don’t have to drive on dicey weather days. But today was a “floater” holiday. This means the office is open, but you don’t have to participate. He was not participating.

The other car-pooler is Hawaii born and bred. He doesn’t do snow. At least not if he can help it. So, he was dropped at my house this morning, and I got to drive. Compact ice on our street, but we are a flat street. The rest of the roads looked icy, but clearer. We went I-90, not to avoid the toll, but to avoid the reportedly icy corner on SR 520 at the Marymoor corner. I will pay a toll to get a better drive in the snow. The parking lot at work was an ice-rink, but managed to navigate OK, especially with less than 1/2 the normal cars competing for parking.

Most of the day was spent at an off-site manager’s retreat. I managed to score rides over and back with others, so my car could sit snug in its parking spot. The retreat location was a co-workers wonderful house. This was the view from her dining room.

Lisa's Fine Retreat

It snowed on and off during the day, but with the temperatures warming to just above freezing the roads were not getting worse. Worse should happen tonight when it all re-freezes.

Tomorrow may dawn similar to this morning, although it may snow more tonight. But I have arranged for Chicago to do the driving.  The real fun is predicted for Wednesday. I am predicting a day at home.


2 Responses to “Snowy Week – Day 1”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have 4 wheel drive and expensive studless snow tires, but am NOT from Chicago, so I’m a total wimp in the snow–or I should say ice. I also hate hills! Good luck tomorrow. Wednesday is not sounding good. Maybe they should just cancel school now?? 😉

  2. jane Says:

    can’t wait for updates and photos!

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