Yet another week

The past week has blown past.
Where did it go, where was I, what did I do?

Well, I know I went to work.
I was at work until 5:30 on Friday.
With a car-pooler, sort-of patiently cooling his heels.
And an out of town duo in a meeting with me, rushing to get through everything.
And everybody else from my end had, well, left.

Moody? Yes – and that was about the size of my work week.
I was definitely in a mood the last two days.
I feel a bit like it has carried into the weekend, but am trying to keep it at bay.
But – of course, there is some work I need to do this weekend ….

And we are working on Monday. At least all of the managers – we have an all day retreat, to be sprinkled in with timesheets and payroll. The first of our bi-weekly payrolls after always being paid bi-monthly. (The use of the two bi-s meaning the opposite is interesting, but I think it is correct.) On the other hand, perhaps what I really mean is semi-monthly.
In the end – changing from 24 paychecks to 26. But since getting a paycheck is important, I am really trying to not complain about the change. We will all adapt.

Carl has worked a few days this week, but his days off were due to him getting strep throat. I have no signs yet. Fingers crossed.
I know he is on the mend now that he has drugs on board, because he is much more verbal and complaining about referees. (Hockey in the current moment.)

OK – back to the negativity index. I just uttered a triple negative to my husband. His comment, “You are usually such a positive person.”

On to the house report.
I looked at the last post to see where we were.
I had folded and boxed the stay clothes for both kids, and the go clothes for one.
The go clothes for Ashlan had been staged to the living room for folding.

And the Ashlan go clothes are still there. Waiting.
But in the meantime, we somehow got diverted to books.
One box has been sent abroad. But that was before we really got into the bookcases.
I really don’t know how many bookcases we have, and I don’t think I want to count.
Truth be told not all books were in bookcases.

As with clothes, we are identifying stay and go books.
We have a wide variety of books.
Many, many, many, many kids books. These are in varying states of still togetherness.
After all they have been through a large number of kids use.
Some we are sure we will keep. Suess, Dahl, the Eyewitness series (probably), and certain favorites. And then there are the nature guides – keep. Lots of science fiction/fantasy, mysteries, and on and on. And we have not even approached the baseball collection. Rey had gone through his room’s books before departing east. Not so much with Ashlan.

Not counting the kids rooms I have listed about 8-9 pages (landscape) of book titles and authors, and sent them off to the kids so they can give me any titles to keep. And others keep showing up. And we are running out of boxes the size I can carry loaded with books. (Copier paper size boxes. I have told our maintenance guy I am on the look-out for any we empty at work.)

I have found a few that were provided to the kids with notes explaining the significance of the book. One was translated by their great-great-great-great-grandfather Wippern.

Lately I have found myself identifying a few I think would be good “Cabin” books.Another standout was The Glorious Pool, by Thorne Smith. Written in 1934, it was his last book as he died before it was quite finished. His wife provided the finishing touches and it was considered quite a good read, a story about the fountain of youth discovered by an older couple. The front cover proclaims, “The gay and buoyant talk of three people who found their lost youth again.” This might be a good cabin book just because it is fun, readable, and dates to when the cabin was very young.

The beds have been changed, and the Sudoku and 1 crossword completed. So after a bit of work today it will be time to fold those clothes. I don’t think we are going to try going anywhere. Carl is still recuperating (and doing laundry), and it is morphing from rain to snow as we speak. I don’t mind that we are having this bit of snow (yet), as long as it is managed by the Monday morning commute.

Side note for those familiar with the Seattle commute conditions. I have now driven the 520 bridge with my Go-To-Go Pass in place. I have not checked to see whether it was correctly noted on my account. Fun and games to make that $3.50 decision every time we drive to and from work. So far we are at an occassional crossing – always in the evening when the traffic is heavier. Less than 20% so far.

4 Responses to “Yet another week”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am a bit exhausted reading about your book and clothes organizing festivities. I SHOULD have had my girls go through their rooms and the bonus room while they were here for break. Of course I could do some tossing myself. I tend to accumulate way too many books.

    • raincharm Says:

      It is hard to stop once you get going. After proclaiming it was folding clothes day, even more books have made their way to my side. Old school books in the case. Statics and Dynamics anyone?

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    A beam walks into a bar.
    The bartender says, “What’ll you have?”
    The beam says, “Give me a moment”
    Ba-dum, dump.

    • raincharm Says:

      THank you for that. I am reminded that I am still an engineer, because it made me laugh.

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

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