Week 1 of 2012

From a blog perspective the new year has started slowly.

But at least part of that is because it actually has been quite busy.
Work has been busy, and lots of things to do at home.

Today the clearing of the house has continued a bit.
Mostly taking things out that have been moved around inside.
(Recycle day tomorrow.)

When I was outside with the recycling, I realized that it was a nice winter day, and if I didn’t finish the raspberry patch pruning started last weekend, I would regret it. This means that it would most likely be done on a drizzly day, rather than a dry one. So – finished the current round of patch maintenance. There is still a starter tree to dig out, and refurbishing the patch boundary.

The Ashlan stay clothes have been moved downstairs for refolding and packing.
(Rey’s clothes were done during the week. Started with Rey’s because 1) they were already downstairs, and 2) there were fewer.) After the stay clothes are done, the real task of folding the leave clothes will take place. Not sure whether I will get that far today.

Cleaning out is liberating, and I keep seeing other things I am mentally throwing out.
We did get to a fair part of the bathroom. The sorting there was garbage, keep or take to the drug disposal location. We have a few good drugs (street value), and more that are just old. The oldest expiration date we found was 1999. Lots of garbage. We even got down far enough to clean the cupboard shelves. Next up is the lower bathroom cabinets.

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