Back Yard Wars

Perhaps it is not really a war, more like a skirmish.
But it is not the first.

First there was the new lawn.

Now we are into compost.
We have two green cones in the back yard.
They are for our vegetable matter not eaten.
We also compost meat and milk products, but those go to the city yard waste collection.

The theory is we use one green cone for as long as it takes to make it about 1/2 full.
Then we switch to the other, and let the first one sit, to prepare itself for future harvest.
This is my type of composting. Passive.

Except that now it appears there may be some action required.

A few weeks ago it looked as though something had been digging around the based of the active cone. But it could be that dirt was just sloughing in to the bottom of the cone. It looks quite a bit like a plastic laundry basket. Holes let the moisture out and the decomposers in. I put a few bricks over the hole. The digging reappeared, so I put more dirt in the hole and replaced the bricks.

Yesterday I was out pruning the raspberries, and noted that our sitting compost cone was open.
The kids have been around, and IF they had taken the compost out, it is clearly possible that they could have chosen the wrong cone. And they could have neglected to close the top. But I doubted that was the case. So I closed the lid.

This morning I put out the compost in the correct cone, and noted footprints on the side and lid of the active cone, and a brick askew at the base.
The lids were both closed, but I doubt this is the last attempt.

raccoon attempts

3 Responses to “Back Yard Wars”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Posted a video of Rey and Bill on facebook.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oh, crap, I am terrified of raccoons. I used to think they were cute until I learned how vicious they are.

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    The raccoons think you are guilty of ‘sizism’. Sure, she wants the little tiny decomposers in, but what about us big decomposers? We can process the vegies AND fertilize the lawn in a whole lot less time!

    I’m sure you remember the multi-chapter attempts to capture the raccoon at 1660 G. Ended up with the cat in the Hav-a-Heart.

    Good luck.

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