More sorting

Carl has taken the lead on sorting of the house today.

He is going through innumerable piles of stuff from around the places he keeps stuff.
I am given occasional tasks to sort through sub-piles.
I also put about five bags of recycle into our bin. Unfortunately this is an off-week for recycle pick-up, and we are very close to filling the bin already. But I don’t want to stop the cleaning. (It seems to be picking up steam.)

We did get out a bit today – if only to play in the snow.
In the front yard more or less.

I did find that pulling the recycle and yard waste bins through the snow is much more difficult than I imagined. The snow and ice sticks to and cakes on the wheels, which only have a modest amount of clearance.

The living room is now covered in Carl’s piles of papers, the clothes that were out have all been boxed and moved to the study. I did realize after I finished that task, that there is still a boxful of clothes (at least) in Ashlan’s wardrobe. Maybe the last thing I will do tonight. Before that I do need to do a bit of work before my day-long meeting tomorrow.

And please, weather gods, make the driving slow and easy tomorrow AM.

One Response to “More sorting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s icy here, so be careful!! Looks like you did get some snow up there after all. We were getting it all down here for a while!! Take it easy tomorrow.

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