Equally Beautiful Sunday

Really – sunshine and cold.

So, after spending the morning with the newspaper, we set off.

Our errand for the day was to pass along some tire chains, and then check out a few bookstores. We managed to fit 7.7 miles around chain delivery (I was quite happy when the chains were out of my backpack), 2 new bookstores (new to us, that is), a new restaurant (to us that is) for brunch, another bookstore for repeat business, and a grocery store.

In one of the new bookstores they were having a book-signing about urban farming. Carl recognized one of the folks as a parent at the school where his kindergarteners hang out.

In the new restaurant there was a good business going on, and it seemed that the operators were having at least a small disagreement. In greek we think. They also had a fake tree in one corner. One, obviously regular, family with 3 kids came in and sat at the table under the tree. Then the two older (3-6 yrs old) kids headed, I thought, for the restroom. But instead they stopped and interacted with one of the proprietors and a string. We finally realized that by letting the string out, a spider would descend out of the tree into the midst of the “unsuspecting” diners at the corner table. What fun.

Met up with an old friend (as in, have not seen him for a while) while traversing around a portion of Green Lake.

At the grocery store we did get some food for dinner, beer, 2-buck chuck, and a few other bits and pieces for our larder.

At this point the backpack was starting to feel like the tire chains were back, so we stopped at one more bookstore. But at least we were close to home.

(Does this sound like the Ice Cream Soup book?)

November December in Seattle with sun and no rain. Spectacular.

Which of course means that no house chores are getting done.

5 Responses to “Equally Beautiful Sunday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The weather has been gorgeous…and Mt. Rainier, MY OH MY! It’s incredible. I love cold and clear; we’ve had quite a bit of that this fall. Glad you got some(lots of) miles in and errands too. What was this new restaurant?

  2. jane Says:

    do you really have 2 buck chuck or is it now $3? I’m pretty sure it’s $3 here now. just wondering.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    It was $3 here the last time I went to TJ’s, which was quite a while ago since TJ’s is not on any of my “beats” and requires a special trip.

  4. jane Says:

    @kayak woman — plus, you’d have to go some way other than over the Stadium bridge to get to to TJs!

  5. jay Says:

    Kayak & Jane – I finally checked the receipt.

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