Why is it that work appears to be accelerating.
I spent a good part of yesterday at work. But that was after going in late due to a doctor appointment. (My first small skin thingie frozen off. Actually, first 3) I did not see Carl until I got home, and he was already in bed.
Highlight of the morning was a bird trifecta, a Jerome on each side of the freeway, and a bald eagle on a light over the freeway. Very symetrical.

Definitely feel the holidays approaching. Vacations, visitors and a bit of shopping here and there.


3 Responses to “time”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Time always goes way too fast in December. There is definitely too much to do!! Is your NYC girl coming home for the holidays?

  2. jay Says:

    Jerome = Heron.
    And no, I have not named them, yet.

    Margaret, December 20th!
    (But then she is escaping to BC for a day or two.)

  3. regenaxe Says:

    I was wondering about the Jeromes… Thanks!

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