Beautiful Saturday

But Beautiful.

Our goal was to go do some Christmas errands, and then take a walk.
Like all great plans, it started well, and quickly fell apart.
It did not really fall apart, but some parts just took longer to reach their conclusion.

To be specific the first part. (Not counting getting up and dressed and out the door, which does take some doing on certain days.)

In the end Carl was quicker at the first part than Jay.
So he took off and got other errands completed, came back, took off and got other errands completed, came back, and took off for home.

When Jay was done, she walked home.

So – in the end, it all got done.

Yesterday I was full of plans for so many things to do.
Maybe a movie, always more work to get done, flinging things around the house.
But in the end, I let an impulse take over.

Somebody had set a few jigsaw puzzles out on the table for the taking.
[We do not need any more stuff in our house – so my idea was to take, and then return.]

The last jigsaw puzzle I recall doing, was not so long ago, but was memorable because we finished it by flashlight. It was a 1000 piece painting by Norman Rockwell, in the basement of my parents house. Somehow the power manages to go out whenever we visit. We stayed up until almost 2 AM to finish the puzzle.

Last nights venture ended up with about 1/4 of the pieces installed.
Carl started out assisting, but then decided it was time for bed.
I persevered until after the Late Night talk shows start, but left before they finished.

Maybe tonight.
I am going to try to stay up for SNL – being hosted by Steve Buscemi. I enjoy his work, so this could be fun.

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