Was that Halloween?

We put a pumpkin out yesterday.
Carl carved a face, but it was lacking passion.
Carl has been lacking passion for the holiday as it is becoming so overblown.
I think I saw somewhere they quoted $6 Billion dollar holiday, and that the average family buys $40 in candy. (And not the expensive kind for most.)

We did have candy here to give out. One package of single Resses¬†Peanut Butter Cups, and some homemade packages (baggies) of candy corn. This was because one person on our block said that was their favorite candy, and the store only had big bags of the stuff. So Carl made our own. Of the 8 or 9 little ones that actually stopped at the house (in 3 groups), the candy corn was a big hit. Since most of them know of us, hopefully they will actually allow the eating of the hand (never touched by human hands) bagged candy. [Really, he poured it from one bag to the other. Didn’t touch a kernel.] So, even with the paltry amount of trick-or-treaters, we did not have too much left. I believe 9 pieces was the final count.

Earlier in the day Carl took his two charges on a downtown Ballard trick-or-treat adventure. I didn’t realize that so many businesses participated. And they were going to go out later in the evening as well. (Carl was King Felix with a King Felix shirt, pink cape, rainbow wig and a crown. And I did not see him, so no pictures.) The kids were Star Wars characters, Jangofet and Darth Vadar.

Today at work there was the usual pile of candy brought from homes. Including a large pile of Full-Size candy bars.
Our office snack shop will be lacking any new funds today for sure. I resisted most temptation, and only had one (full-size) Three-Musketeers bar. There was a pile of candy in the Managers meeting, which lasts 3 hours. I just couldn’t resist.

And then, my Manager notes that I am picking the candy bar apart as I eat it. That is eating the chocolate off of the top, sides and bottom, before eating the middle part. But that is what I like about Three-Musketeers. Everybody had a good laugh.

On a side note, I do remember my father remarking that I would pick my food apart as I was eating it. Why couldn’t I just eat it? I guess some things never really change. And yes, I was a picky eater, but I don’t think that is what it usually means.

One Response to “Was that Halloween?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I did that too–and pulled apart Oreo cookies to eat the frosting first. We have lots of left-over candy and I’m terrified I’ll eat it all. Why did my husband buy all the kind I like? (Butterfingers, Almond Joy, Crunch, Snickers…) At least he bought peanut m&ms instead of my favorite regular ones. We got waves of trick or treaters, probably about 50 total.

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