Sounder’s WIN, and yet it is Closing Day 2011

Today was, as it turns out, the last MLS game for the Seattle Sounders in 2011.
It was also the last game for Kasey Keller. And he got a shut-out.
It was also Seattle weather in spades. Or in raindrops. So the season ended as it began on Opening Day.

It didn’t just rain. It poured.
There was a brief time when it was not raining quite as hard, but then it started up again.

The game was incredibly entertaining.
The Sounders really gave us their full 90 today. 99 if you count extra time.
They were running hard and fast, and it was just like energy unleashed.
Real Salt Lake played defense and falling down.
Kasey had a few easy saves, and a one-on-one spectacular save. (Any 1 v 1 save is spectacular.)
The first half was 0-0, and then in the second half the Sounder’s got 2 goals!

Unfortunately they needed 3.

This was the second leg of a two leg game, and Salt Lake won the first game 3-0.
I really did not like the way RSL played, or their attitude. But, none-the-less, they will be moving on.
But I will not be rooting for them.

And on a carl comic note, link here.

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