The Season’s Over

And so we can move on to other pursuits.

Like Soccer. The Sounders are into the MLS playoffs. Unfortunately our shrine must have been lacking as they are now down 0-3 after the first leg of the openning session.

Sounders' Shrine, with a touch of Cardinals still up

Outside of a short walk and some mushroom picking destroying in the back yard, we were pretty much homebodies over the weekend. That is not to say we were not busy.

Unfortunately, most of my busy time has been focused on work.
Fortunately, working from home with few distractions has allowed me to jump into a project that should have been started last February. I may try closing my door at work on Monday, and see if I can continue to make progress.

Carl has been working on his projects, and house cleaning.
And – so cute – one of his former charges, now a kindergartener, missed him and wanted to see him. So her family came over for a short visit on Saturday.
That was after we walked to the Post Office and Carl did his homework.

The post office was necessitated by the deep freeze and snow in the Northeast, including NYC.
Ashlan allowed as how her winter wear was essentially nil, and could we send some her way.
Boots, hat, gloves, scarf, and jacket are now winging their way east. Hopefully they are not delayed by the weather already in place.

Homework has moved from WORD to EXCEL.
It seems to be an easier start. Maybe it will prove to be more intuitive.
I spent a good deal of my work time this weekend in ACCESS.

One Response to “The Season’s Over”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley walked in clogs in NYC and got very wet, cold feet. She is already grumpy about the cold weather. Glad that you sent some warm clothes for your A.!

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