Now that was a baseball game worth watching.

At the risk of getting it all wrong, let me be brief.

They were up, they were down, they were tied, they were down, they were tied, they finally won.
They being the Cardinals.

The game lasted a LONG time. I don’t know exactly how long.
We started late (getting off work and to a watching location just doesn’t happen by 5 PM). Luckily we have a TiVo friend. Then there was a break to cook, get the food, ice cream from the new shop (the ice cream shop – and it did not turn into ice cream soup). And yet, we still finished the game watching it in real time.

Maybe the shortened time (no between innings commercials) added to the exertion. That is if you can call sitting on a couch exertion. Yells of joy, of agony, joy, stomping feet, agony, then joy. Really, how many errors should be committed in game 6 of the World Series. I am assuming it was cold, and that added to the inability to cleanly pick up a ball. But you really should not be running into your teammate. Other than maybe a consistent strike zone, the umpires seemed to get the calls correct.

But neither team was willing to let the game go, and go home. They each kept putting on the pressure. The fans and players all seemed so into the game.

We pulled all of the tricks out of the bag. Or rather put our toys back into the bag.
This is called packing up.
You never pack up before the game is over (fat lady singing – it is not over until that happens, so don’t tempt fate by assuming a win). But we have found that fate doesn’t pick up on which team you are hoping will win, so if you start packing up you can induce a come-back.
We did. Twice.
And they did (come back). Twice.
And then they actually got the Rangers out of an inning without allowing a run.
And then they scored.

And this is where it get strange.

At the beginning of the game Kevin said he had a dream that Freese hit a walk-off home run to win game 7. Close enough.

It is hard to imagine how tomorrow’s final game will match tonight’s’ game.
It has been 9 years since the World Series went to game 7.
If it even approaches game 6, it will be worth watching.

One Response to “WOW”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Maybe Kevin’s dream forgot about the rain delay — right day, wrong game. It was an exciting game, for sure.


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