Dam Be Gone – updated

Just past noon today they breached a dam in Washington.
This is a breach through the bottom of the dam. Just a big hole to let the water flow out.

A better comprehensive report

Here is a brief snip from the news, and the accompanying article.

I watched it live during my lunch at work, and then kept it playing for a few hours into the afternoon. (I have two computer screens).

The initial blast of water was cool, but I thought the longer term roaring flood, followed by the receding edges was almost more interesting. And the most interesting was watching the upstream pool of water get lower, and lower, and lower, until it was just a muddy river. I only wish now that I could find coverage of the slug of muddy water meeting the Columbia River.

One Response to “Dam Be Gone – updated”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That does sound interesting; I heard nothing about it, but will have to read about it. The power of water is awe-inspiring.

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